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Get paid to promote your favorite art supplies. Gone are the days of forced product placement. We work with the best brands, and bring on new ones all the time. If we don't have your favorite, tell us and we'll add them to the network.
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We've partnered with art youtubers, instagram artists, art eductional programs, art blogs, art subscription boxes and more to bring high quality traffic and sales to your e-commerce site.
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Get stats on what products are performing best. Anticiapte trends. Scale up quality partnerships.
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Our promotional partners are artists themselves. They highlight your brand in a relevant way that establishes your product amongst a sea of others.
We're industry veterans and can offer the support your brand requires.
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Attention Artists
Get paid to use your favorite art supplies
Browse hundreds of products from your favorite brand and get paid every time someone buys the supplies you use in your videos, blog, instagram posts, etc.
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